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Product Name NDC/ID
Ferrex™ 150 Plus Capsules 51991-703-90
Ferrex™ 150 Forte Plus Capsules 51991-798-90
Ferrex™ 28 Tablets 51991-588-28
Folbee Plus® Tablets 51991-082-90
Folbee® Tablets 51991-084-90
Folbic® RF Tablets 51991-616-90
Folbic™ Tablets 51991-384-90
Foltanx™ RF Capsules 51991-913-90
Foltanx™ Tablets 51991-813-90
L-Methylfolate 15mg Caplets 51991-809-90
L-Methylfolate 7.5mg Tablets 51991-808-33
L-Methylfolate 7.5mg Tablets 51991-808-90
L-Methylfolate Forte 15mg Capsules 51991-909-90
L-Methylfolate Forte 7.5mg Capsules 51991-908-90
Metafolbic™ Plus Caplets 51991-811-90
Metafolbic™ Plus RF Caplets 51991-911-90
Metafolbic™ Tablets 51991-810-90
Multigen™ Caplets 51991-543-90
Multigen™ Folic Caplets 51991-546-90
Multigen™ Plus Caplets 51991-544-90
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